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On 21st November 1974, a boy’s life is blown apart. What comes out of the rubble?

Danny Cronin is a ten-year-old boy from a Northern Irish Catholic family living in Birmingham, England, far away from The Troubles.

Danny wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and writes science-fiction stories with himself as the hero. 

The Troubles come to Birmingham. Two bombs, planted by the IRA, explode in two pubs, murdering twenty-one people and injuring over two hundred. 

The next day, a Northern Irish visitor calls at the Cronin’s house. What will his arrival mean for Danny and where was the stranger on the night of the bombings? 

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Dr Michael Flavin is a novelist and academic. He teaches at King’s College London. He holds a degree, three MAs and two PhDs. His novels include One Small Step and The Voice Hearer. He has also written articles on Irish Republican leadership in The Troubles for journals including Terrorism and Political Violence and Small Wars and Insurgencies. He lives in Canterbury, England.