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To Officer Luis Huesca
He Walked With Easter
Next year 2025
our police officer Luis Huesca
who was shot
early this morning on April 21st
- will also be celebrating
Easter with us
on april 20th 2025 here . . .
for Officer Luis 
had the far-reaching promise
of a forever Easter with him!
- our Officer Luis walking around
or being on patrol
had Jesus living and risen with him
This is how Officer Luis
was ever to be found!
-The living risen Christ being so evident
in our officers manner
and dedication
and the way he helped others every day.
Officer Luis!
with our Officer Jesus!
- with Officer Jesus leading the way!
Some of us have never met Officer Luis.
That's the first thing I said
when early Sunday morning
I first heard the news -
yet we really did all meet him!
-for our Chicago is safer
just because of him!
and as now his spirit
is flowing around
in it's protective holiness for us
and in ethereal graciousness too.
So shake hands with your officer!
-Tell him! - "Thank you.
-Job well done!"
Or just whisper a prayer
and let your heart
touch his heart with - 
"I'mgrateful Sir Officer Sir,
Chicago's own true son!
I'm beholdin,
my face is now bowed
before your courageous
self and spiritr so golden!
- Yes stay.
Still somehow stay!
- and from our City never part away!"
"Heaven is such a vast big place
- and now with you in it
or towards it
you can surely push boundaries away!
You can make Heaven include Chicago!
- as the rough side of Heaven perhaps.
But here is where
your beat again starts
This very day!!
"Don't leave us!
Stay more than awhile!
We beg from our hearts!
And when you stay - we smile!
Your noble spirit is needed here still
to fight crime here again
with your Easter Jesus
ever walking around with you
where ever He will!"
Just walk this beat in "Heavenly Heights"
here in Chicago
and Keep giving hope to our hearts
through every hour. Every day,
through every alley and gangway
in the loop or in neighborhoods
night and day."
There's still work to do for you!
in this - now your new
blessed beat today.
Oh Spirit Officer! -
you've been promoted to -
Diane Klima
April 21, 2024