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“Let the Free Birds Fly”
“Lig do na héin ag eitilt saor in aisce”

A special group of Irish men and women have been responsible for preservation of the tradition of Irish ballad singing over the past 50 years. Derek Warfield is a distinguished name among them. Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones are bringing that musical tradition forward with a reverence for Ireland’s past and the energy and optimism of a new generation of Irish musicians.   Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones are thrilled to be celebrating 16 years ‘On the One Road’ and are delighted to be celebrating it in style with the release of their CD “Let The Free Birds Fly” and performances all over America.

 The title of this CD, “Let the free Birds Fly” was inspired by the powerful image of remembrance by renowned, Irish artist Robert Ballagh which depicts, in a very meaningful way, the spirit of freedom of the ten Irish patriots who died on a hunger strike in 1981. There is also something of a double entendre in the title “Let the Free Birds Fly” for it is synonymous with the band. Like all musicians and performers, they were confined in the pandemic and longed for an end .  Derek says, “The lockdown seemed like imprisonment for myself and our young performers, whose passion in life is to play, sing and perform to our audiences that are scattered around Ireland and around the world. All band members performing with the band and travelling as we do, know it’s a hard road which encompasses many factors. It is not only our livelihood and our heritage; it also embraces the unique history, rich culture and honourable traditions of our native land.  The content and sentiment inherent in our traditional music and song is not alone what motivates us to perform it on stage; it is also the compelling need to bring its musical excitement, literary heritage and ancient, artistic beauty to audiences that are scattered around Ireland and around the world.” The relief and joy that we experienced when we got back on the road was unimaginable and befitting to the title Let the Free Birds Fly”.          
The album is primarily a collection of songs that reflect the life traditions, feelings and aspirations of Irish people past and present, who love their faith, home, land and liberty and who express it in words, music and song . “Many ballads were written by ordinary people who lived in extraordinary times and left us in words and music of remembrance, a musical picture of their time and place. Many were poets and they had the artistic ability to record the reality of their feelings in words and music. Their stories must be heard and sung. In Ireland’s past we had no other means but our music and song to keep our history, traditions, heritage and culture alive and prevent it from being lost forever. We are very proud of its content because it was our music and song of love, life and liberty that told the story of our people in the past and which continues to tell our story today.” Derek Warfield 
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1.The Fields of Athenry 4.35
2.Come Out Ye Black and Tans 4.37
3.Streets of New York 4.28
4.Home Boys Home 4.24
5.The Ballad of James Connolly Poem and Song 5.10
6.Back Home in Derry 4.10
7.The Lough Sheelin Eviction 6.34
8.Spanish Lady 3.43
9.The Flying Fingers Set (instrumental) 3.34
10.The Snipers Promise 7.10
11. Hand Me Down My Bible 2.59