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Courtesy of Ireland Network Chicago

An Irish Woman in Business Success Story

An Ireland Network Chicago member since 2022, I and my company are delighted to support and sponsor the Doing Business in Chicago, Ireland Network Chicago, Women's Forum inaugural event for 2024.

In 2022 the parent company GBM, a 57 year-old family business, looked at the US as an attractive market which would allow us to scale and further develop our presence overseas. Leveraging from our award winning work with blue chip clients like DHL Express and DHL Freight Forwarding globally, our export brand Wallcoverings of Ireland was founded.

Julie Long

What do we do ?

Using visual storytelling, we tell the story of any company, brand, building, service or product by researching, designing, printing and fitting inspirational wallcoverings in any location and to any size. By creating 'experience' walls, we move people who move through a space by creating attention grabbing graphics that create meaning and connection.

How do we do it ?

We take a detailed brief from the client, and using elevations, floor plans or photographs of the space, we creating visuals which, once approved, we print & fit within an agreed lead time. Colour calibrated systems, certified process design and very experienced production teams ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for every order. Designed in Ireland, we create global stories.

It's an art, a science and a process.

Why do we do it ?
To make a client space something special and beautiful; a space that engages people and gets them talking.
We have used printed wallcoverings as soft marketing tool for clients; helping to breath life into and monetize their brand through storytelling. 
Engaged by HR departments, we have used our graphics as a way to engage employee empathy and buy in by fostering an emotional connection in the worlplace.
Amplifying a building's story for owners and managers, we inject a space with meaning and added value for tenants.
Designing a history piece for client site pulls on heritage to give competitive advantage
What's your story ?

With offices both in Ireland and in Chicago, we export to Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Norway and the US. We have successfully partnered with architects, interior & spatial designers, construction and facilities management companies as a value added bolt on to their offering. We also work with end consumers in industry, hospitality, commercial and retail. If you have a wall, we can dress it. If you have a story, we can tell it.
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How does it work? It's easy. Send us your image or choose from the County Collection on our website wallpapersofireland.com. Don't see something you like? No problem, we can find one for you. Layout for non commission work is included in the price. We can add your family crest, your family tree, your logo or text. Tell us the size of the wall you want to use. Unlike buying online, we will customise your graphic for your space. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

The wallpaper drops are a standard 1m width so they are easy to handle by you or by one of our fitters. Just like regular wallpaper on a roll, paper will cover any width or height.
The importance of a ‘homeplace’ to a nation whose people left Ireland to find opportunities across the globe is unshakeable. Work with us to create something affordable, lasting, unique and beautiful. Let's tell your story.  

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or WhatsApp (312) 593-7476