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Entropy Media Release New Podcast Series = “Underbelly: The Rebel Kind” - The Real-Life Adventure of a Chicago Trucker-Turned-Spy Who Took Down a Violent Faction of the IRA - Click Here for their Blog

Prepare to be captivated by the real-life story of Dave Rupert, a seemingly ordinary man who infiltrated the heart of a dangerous faction of the Irish Republican Army, in "Underbelly: The Rebel Kind," the second installment of Entropy Media's gripping "Underbelly Series". Told through the eyes of veteran journalists Bob Herguth and Abdon Pallasch, whose interviews with Rupert set them on a thrilling journey deep into the world of espionage, exploring the challenges, sacrifices, and hidden truths of one of the most daring undercover operations in recent history. The first episode of “Underbelly: Rebel Kind”, will be released on Wednesday, 13th March and a new episode will drop every week, with 12 episodes in this season.

From Trucker to Top Spy:
Forget James Bond – Dave Rupert was an unlikely agent. Dave was a low-profile ‘coin-operated’ Chicagoan – originally from upstate New York – with entrepreneurial dreams and a willingness to do whatever it takes. He wasn't your typical spy recruit, but a curiosity about Ireland and the promise of a paycheck was all it took. Rupert’s unassuming persona and ability to blend in despite being nearly 7 feet tall made him the perfect undercover asset for the FBI and MI5. In "Underbelly: The Rebel Kind," you'll discover how Rupert navigated the dangerous world of the Real IRA, a militant Irish republican group, collecting crucial intelligence that ultimately led to the 2003 conviction of IRA kingpin Mickey McKevitt.

Unveiling the Secrets:
Exclusive audio recordings – made in secret locations with Dave Rupert by veteran investigative journalists Abdon Pallasch and Bob Herguth – offer unprecedented access to his covert operation. You’ll hear firsthand the risks he faced, the challenges he overcame, the romances and friendships and the sacrifices he made along the way.

This riveting narrative is further enriched by the insights of Pallasch and Herguth, who worked with veteran podcast producer Dalton Main to bring their story together.

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Unraveling History's Impact:

"The Troubles," the decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland, cast a long shadow. The podcast explores the lasting impact of such a long and torturous conflict on the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland – along with the Irish-American identity.

“Dave’s story, his daring, is a remarkable, and I’d say critical, bookend to the decades of modern violent conflict in Ireland between nationalists and unionists,” Herguth says. “No one suspected the Chicago trucker mopping the floor of his pub on the Northern Ireland border was the most successful spy in the history of ‘The Troubles’ and would help save the Peace Process,” Pallasch says. “This is a wild ride that will keep you tuning in every week.”

More Than Just a True Crime Story:
“Underbelly: The Rebel Kind" transcends the true crime genre by shedding light on the complex lives hidden beneath the surface. It explores the human stories within undercover operations, revealing not just the thrill of intrigue, but the individuals navigating the murky waters. From the calculated moves of operatives navigating shifting loyalties, to the ordinary lives unwittingly drawn into a hidden world, this podcast delves into the gray areas where motivations and consequences intertwine. “Underbelly: The Rebel Kind” isn’t just about heroes and villains, it’s about the real people and real consequences of paramilitary groups – and the one guy who put himself right in the middle of it all.

Join the Journey:
Tune in to "Underbelly: The Rebel Kind" on major podcast platforms and embark on this captivating journey into the heart of one of the most unexpected covert operations in modern history. The first episode drops on Wednesday, March 13th, so don't miss your chance to experience this thrilling exploration of espionage, improvisation, and how an average joe becomes a spy.

Underbelly The Series:
“Underbelly: The Rebel Kind”, the second podcast from Entropy Media, follows the success of their debut, “Underbelly: Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles”, released in April 2023.

“Underbelly: Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles” fascinated audiences with its high-octane tale of 1980s Chicago trading floors and the FBI's undercover sting operation against alleged broker fraud. Garnering nearly 1 million downloads, it set the bar high for the new podcast company launched by film veteran Anjay Nagpal.

Still to come in “The Underbelly Series”, “Life Sentence” where Danny Gold dives deep into Milwaukee’s underworld, once controlled by a powerful, hidden mob family. Finally, “Killing Kurt” features Kurt Calabrese setting the record straight on his dramatic family feud that culminated in a high-stakes Mafia trial that eviscerated Chicago’s Outfit. Follow Entropy Media to stay up to date with all new releases.

About Entropy Media:

Entropy Media is an audio first multimedia company founded by long-time film executive and producer Anjay Nagpal in 2022. We make premium & evergreen podcasts with a relentless focus on impactful stories, unique subcultures, and larger-than-life characters.

Entropy curates its slate with stories that will make fascinating podcasts, documentaries, films, and tv shows. In 2024, we will launch podcast shows that go deep into criminal underworlds and international intrigue. Our debut series, Underbelly: Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles, is an examination of an elaborate, expensive, and totally unprecedented undercover FBI investigation that attempted to expose massive fraud at Chicago’s storied futures exchanges. It premiered in April 2023. For more information on all of our shows, visit www.entropymedia.art