Hello everyone,
It was really good to get singing at Gaelic Park, lately. It’s really strange not performing these days. Declan and myself were also very honored to play at the benefit for a dear friend, Sheila Crowley. Sheila would always come to support us at the Curragh, when we used to do Sunday nights there.
The benefit was organized by another dear friend, who unfortunately is going back to Ireland, and that man is Sean Ginnelly. Sean kept us entertained for years, every Saturday, with his radio show ‘Good Morning Ireland’. He also played a big part in booking local musicians at the Curragh Pub, Edison Park. He has been involved in countless benefits, a very humble man, who will be our loss and Ireland’s gain. So I’m sure I speak for us all when I wish Sean good luck when he goes and in whatever he does. I know we will miss him.
I was overseas from February as my younger brother passed away. So I never got to say goodbye to two other dear friends, Kara and Jerry Eadie. They were an outstanding duo and just a pure pleasure to know. We played together as a wedding band for quite a while. I think at one stage there were about seven in the band. We had a lot of great times and made some wonderful memories. So good luck to you both, and hopefully I’ll make my way down to Wexford and meet up with you guys in the future.
Pauline Conneely, Gerry Carey, Larry Nugent, and a host of other musicians were able to keep the session going in Park Ridge in the garden at the Harp and Fiddle and Declan and I got to play a few of  the nights. I’m so happy that Declan has such a love for music, especially Irish music. Hup!
On my arrival back to Chicago, I heard thatJohn McDonagh is leaving the Corrib Pub. John was another man that kept the live music going, and ran some great sessions. Some new people taking over the pub, and they’re Irish! So, I’m sure they will carry on the tradition. Good luck to you for the future John, and thank you for the gigs my friend.
It’s hard to know right now with all that’s going on or not going on in my case, what the future holds. Maybe I’ll end up back in the South Armagh hills. My heart never really left there anyway. I’m thinking when I kick the bucket, at least they won’t have far to haul my butt to my resting place in Cullyhanna. Hopefully there’ll be a bit of room for me there, I’m not that big!
My sincere condolences to Gerry Haughey, on the loss of his brother Brendan, who was a fellow musician. I never had the pleasure of meeting Brendan, but I know from hearing and reading about him, he was very much a veteran of the Irish music scene and a sad loss R.I.P. Brendan.
A couple of nights before my son Declan arrived back in Ireland (he had already been over for his uncle Nick’s funeral along with my wife Margaret). I was sitting alone in the home place in Silverbridge, and I was pretty lonesome for my brother. So, words came to mind and I got a pen and wrote them down. Words about how I was feeling and just really missing my best friend, Nick. Then I picked up my guitar and in about fifteen minutes I had written a song called ‘A Little Feeling’. I will make it the song for this month, as he would have turned 63 years old on October 19th, and actually looked about 39 years old. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to a man I’m sure anyone that’s been on the Gertrude Byrne Cruises would know. His name is Stephen Smyth, one of my brother’s many great friends. Stephen called me and said “Joe, I’d love to record a track for the song in my studios”. He then added “before we go any further, I want to do it for you and because I loved your brother Nicky so much, and I will not take any money for it, just let me do it”. So he did it was a really wonderful track, the man is a musical genius. I went up to his studios in Portaferry and put down the vocal. Then he said he would love to do a video for it and the same thing applies, “I will take no money”, were his words. I was overwhelmed. Stephen coaxed me through the song and the video. We had to keep stopping so I could compose myself. It was the hardest vocal, emotionally, I’ve ever done. Thank you Stephen and your lovely wife Sharon for everything. Friendship is a great thing, they are the best words I can think of right now.
     Until next month as always, be good to one another. “Happy Halloween” everyone. Joe  

‘A Little Healing’ Key C
 © Written by Joe McShane   Verse 1
Dreams of starry nights and yesterday
And some old friends we lost along the way
So many storms, we’ve been through
But there’s nothing in this world, compares to losing you
Chorus   Sometimes I reach out for the phone
Then I realize you’re gone
If you know from where you are tonight, how I’m feeling
Send me down a prayer, so I can do a little healing
Verse 2   If I could only see you one more time
To let you know how much you’re on my mind
I hope before you left me here you knew
You were such a part of me, now my sky is not so blue
Chorus   Sometimes I reach out for the phone
Then I realize you’re gone
If you know from where you are tonight how I’m feeling
Send me down a prayer so I can do a little healing
Instrumental Key change C#
Sometimes I reach out for the phone
Then I realize you’re gone
If you know from where you are tonight, just how I’m feeling
Send me down a prayer so I can do a little healing
Tag    Send me down a prayer, to help me with my grieving