Hello there again everyone. Yes I know. We are still no farther forward e! My father James Gallagher (Rip) from Donegal would say in between puffs of his pipe with his favorite condor tobacco. Miss you Dad. Better days ahead.

Huge shout out once again to all our BRAVE and wonderful FRONTLINE workers and EVERYONE who is keeping us up and running. Bless them all keep them safe and healthy and a big fat pay rise .

My husband cousin Mary Lowry Finnerty who is a grandmother from County Roscommon has been keeping us all entertained on Facebook. Singing and playing her ukulele and banjo, coming up with new tunes every day from rock and roll to old traditional ballads that our parents used to sing to us around the fire every Saturday night. Many thanks Mary.. You Rock..

My daughter gave me a book about twelve weeks ago. I love reading I was so looking forward to reading it when she was in school. Little did we all know that she would be home all day? Presently she has classes and homework online. She misses her friends but they have group chats every night before bed.. I take her out for a driving lesson every day and it’s nice to have her to myself and have a girly chat. She also helps me iron and pleat masks (her DAD too) I joined Heathers Fairy Mask team. It’s been pretty hectic doing as much as we can until the wee hours of the morning to reach different medical non-medical workers. My target was initially the medical staff in my neighborhood then as they got PPE it was our non-medical centers .Food pantries, and literally our local community and our neighbors.

March. April. May was dark days for all of us who thought YES!!! I have a sewing machine I can help!!!Personally I was up till 2/3/4/5am. I would watch BBC AMERICA, Cry as all we parents thought about our kids! When I did go to bed I would wake up AT 4am and run downstairs to my poor husband beautiful sunroom which now was a total mess with sheets,elastic,thread (which he had to cut into 9x6 squares)Wonderful much needed donations from Salvation Army. Huge shout out to Major Vincent, Major Tina. Lovely young couple (scientist) who just arrived here from Europe smack in the middle of this pandemic. They would have sheets, washed cleaned and delivered with a few bags of European sweeties. That if you’re reading this Major Victor and Major Tina my husband ate them all!

I met the most wonderful people through sewing masks. I want to thank my friends for their donations. Mary Doherty had buttons, elastic sent to my home via amazon. HUGS Mary.. We have same birthday so she gets me… we are always the first ones up to say hey what do you need??

Rita. ‘South Side Irish’ Margolis. My Polish friend who helped cut up material with Chris and Eileen. Janet my neighbor who has been wonderful and still sewing with me for our Navajo Nation via Sharon Bird. Coordinator .She has been wonderful from the get go while I was sewing for Mask Fairies, she would make sure company’s would send us elastic, our ultimate goal was to help anyone who needed a mask either in our community or other states. Like our sewing mums we cried every night as we could not sew fast enough, we cried and chatted every night till the wee hours of the morning. I just felt like I had to do this because I can use a sewing machine. I bought this one for my daughter when she was 8 yrs old. Back home, we can all sew, darn socks, and knit. Domestic science I think our nuns at our school called it. Today we can go out shopping with a mask on. My first stop was to light a candle for my beloved friend Erika at our lady of Guadalupe. I bought a stone there for her hoping this may bring some semblance of peace to her four beautiful boys. Truthfully it’s a beautiful grotto and I snuck over there several times during my nights sewing masks in the early hours as it gave me much solace to be there. I put her photo there.

My husband’s cousin, Mary Finnerty, is a wonderful grandmother who I met for a cup of tea last June in her home town in County Roscommon while I was on my travels with my daughter touring Ireland. Mary has been entertaining us all on facebook during this awful time. She is online singing and playing her ukulele and mouth organ. She is just so what we need right now so please support her.

I have this beautiful poem from my friend’s daughter. Mia, who is 15. Her Grandparents family mean a lot to me. She is a beautiful student at Taft high school, and reminds me of myself at 15 years of age.

I am what it takes over your mind during a crisis,
I light a fire in your mind making you freak out.
I am an angel floating around touching everyone
in my path.
You fear me.
I stand tall and poise. I’m superior or.
I make you fear the unknown
I make you fear that you will catch the now known
Disease, Coronavirus. I make you think you have it.
I am what takes over your mind during a crisis. I
apologies for the havoc I cause making you overbuy
its In my name I am worried as I am PARANOIA……