Washington DC
Mayor Muriel Bowser, (D) brought together a commission to consider striking symbols of oppression. The committee, in a show of monumental stupidity, said they want to completely remove the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. Well, Mayor Bowser, you can go straight to Hell!
Every year we celebrate Samhain, the Celtic New Year, while Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead.
Samhain was a liminal time, when you could move between this world and the other world.
The souls of the dead would visit their family homes on this night. Doors were left open and a place was set at the table and food was set out, everybody looked forward to the next day which was All Souls Day.
Joe Biden seems to be full of righteous indignation, and taking cheap shots at Trump, always saying things like, “When I’m President.” Well, he’s 77 years old and he’s been in government for 47 years. He’s the wrong man for the job of President. He’s just not rugged enough.
John O’Malley
John grew up in St. Mel’s Parish on the West Side. He was in the service and served in Europe, and he was as Office Manager for Bell & Howell. He moved with his parents to Grace Street and was very active in St. Viator’s Parish.
After his parents died in 1999 and 2000 he moved to a condo in Niles and later Resurrection Retirement Community.
Many of the pictures in the archives are of volunteers at the Heritage Center, and were taken by John.
After 34 years I lost a great friend, John. He was one of the best. Past President of the Irish American Heritage Center, and the most willing volunteer you could ever meet. No job to big, to small, or too dirty.
Once in a while he would take a weekend off, and go on fishing trips with his friend, Clay Halston and others.

Joe Reid and John O’Malley removing an old air conditioner from the library at the Irish American Heritage Center

On Saturdays, John would often go out and buy cold cuts, bread and other essentials for the volunteers for lunch. This began after the women who used to cook a hot lunch gave it up, and the Center brought in hot lunches from the city of Chicago, which were ok if you were desperate!
Say a prayer for John. I’m sure he is already at the right hand of the Father. . .
The new promotion is saying, “True journalism. Honest fair and unbiased,” which is a laughable slogan. I laughed hard at this one, especially the unbiased part. They relentlessly attack President Trump while they give Joe Biden a free pass.
Suckers and Losers
Democrats are all getting on board over claims that President Trump dishonored soldiers that died in France.
More ambiguous horse crap! I think it was on “Meet the Press,” they interviewed a retired Admiral. He said, “I have no first hand knowledge of that,” but wanted to discredit President Trump. But what Trump said was that we were suckers for letting NATO not pay their fair share of the expense for maintaining a military presence in Europe.
President Trump fixed that problem. Now they all pay their fair share.
Jesse Jackson showed up in Kenosha. I couldn’t understand much of what he said, as he had a tendency to mumble. He reminds me of Whispering Joe Wilson, who used to announce professional bowling.
Now Jackson has gotten involved with a nurses strike in Chicago. What on earth does he have to do with the SEIU?
The Irish Brigade was a United Nations peace keeping force in 1961 in the Belgian Congo.
The Siege of Jadotville took place in September 1961, during the UN intervention in the Katanga conflictt in the Congo, central Africa, when a company of Irish UN troops were attacked by troops loyal to the Katangese Prime Minister Moise Tshombe. The lightly armed and equipped Irish soldiers fiercely resisted Katangese assaults for six days as a force of Irish and Swedish troops attempted to fight their way through the siege.
Although the outnumbered Irish company was eventually forced to surrender after ammunition and supplies were exhausted, and they were held prisoner for almost a month, none were killed, while ehe Katangese and their mercenaries suffered heavy losses. The siege marked the first time since the creation of the Irish Free State that an Irish Army unit went into battle against another nation’s army.
Nobel Peace Prize
Norwegian politician, Tybring Gjedde, has nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, “for his merit.” I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other peace prize nominees.”
President Trump brought about the “Abraham” Peace Accords between Bahrain, the United Arab Emerates, and Israel.
Irish Defamed
We are long overdue to form the Irish Anti-Defamation League. How long do you want to see yourself portrayed as a drunk swilling a glass of green beer? We can start by going after the greeting card companies like, Carlton Cards in Cleveland, Ohio.
If you are interested in getting an anti-defamation league started, send your contact info to: Irish American News, PO BOX 7, Zion IL 60099
The Catholic Thing
An article published by The Catholic Thing, Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas has written a book, Titled, At the Mercy of One False Brother
When the first hints of clergy sexual abuse began to surface in the late 80’s, I served as an advisor to many of the good, new bishops being appointed. On this topic, I counseled the bishops:
First, do not call this pedophilla - because, for the most part, it is same sex activity between a cleric and a post-pubescent young man; that’s the truth and, the truth always sets us free. “Pedophilia” conjures up images of ice and six year old boys. Further, if the sinful activity had been properly labeled, ironically, the secular media wouldn’t have given it much coverage, since they always promote same-sex relations.
Since boys begin puberty around 11 or 12 and end around 16 or 17, the logic escapes me. “Same-sex activity?” Was it consensual? Or was it rape Fr. Stravinskas?
Now they want to replace the statue of Columbus with a statue of indigenous people. Seems to me, there is plenty of room for both.
The Chicago Police Union has decided to support President Trump for President