BLM Banner Chicago firemen took down a BLM banner. Now they are facing a reprimand and possible termination. Talk about over reacting! Let the punishment fit the social indiscretion, they weren’t tearing down a statue. A slap on the wrist, a reprimand is more than enough. The scales of justice are tipping to the left.
Vote Another shallow attack on President Trump? “Neither rain nor snow, nor dark of night, the mail must go through.” However, it doesn’t always work that way. The Democrats are claiming Trump is trying to keep people from voting. What he doesn’t like, are “universal ballots” being mailed to everybody in the country, when anybody can request an absentee ballot.
U.S. Postmaster General, Lewis DeJoy is being accused of helping to limit mail in the voting process. President Trump brought him in to stop the bleeding as the U.S. Post Office has a 120 billion dollar unfunded mandate for pensions and other costs. The Post Office Union has voted to support Joe Biden, surprise! Elizabeth Warren says Trump is trying to “destroy” the Post Office - no Liz, he’s trying to stop the bleeding.
Looting Chicago has hit a new low. But turnabout is fair play, no peace for the looters. Let’s bring the looters to justice and lock them up. Mayor Lightfoot has to stop trying to avert criticism by blaming President Trump for all the problems here.
Chicago’s economy depends largely on the trade shows and tourism. Even if we weren’t dealing with Covid 19, who wants to visit a city exploding with violence? It was just announced that Navy Pier will close again on September 8th for the season. The survey found that Chicagoans were still going to the pier but out of state tourists were not coming.
Age Matters If Joe Biden 77 wins the election, he would be 78 on inauguration day. If he makes it through four years it is doubtful that he would run again at 82 years of age. He has already passed life expectancy for a man which is 76.86. If elected, Donald Trump would be 74. My mother used to say, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know!”
Virtual The virtual Democratic Convention was unremarkable. Keynote speaker, Michelle Obama, rambled on about Joe Biden and what a nice man he is and how he has a plan for a new. economy. Let’s be clear. It was Covid 19 which ground the economy to a screeching halt and drove unemployment to record highs. At the present time there is still no solution to the Covid 19 virus.
The Democrat Platform has not been mentioned as of yet, although it was already revealed that they want to forgive student loans.
Med Mal A friend of mine in Pensacola, Florida got lymphoma as he regularly used the herbicide, Roundup, while doing yard work. He contacted the law firm handling the class action suite against Bayer. He was interviewed by an attorney who had a long list of questions. The last question was, “how old are you?” He replied, “81.” The lawyer said, “we can’t take this any further.”
Another man who was taking Valsartan which is linked to prostate cancer, called his attorney who referred him to the firm who was handling the class action. When told he was over 80 the lawyer told him that they didn’t take anyone over 65. Age discrimination is evident.
CBS “Meet the Press.” Margaret Brennan is the CBS attack dog for the Democrats. She will contort, interrupt, talk over and take every opportunity to be unreasonable when it comes to interviewing Conservative Republicans.
FinallyIt doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is, what matters is that you vote. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Socialist, Liberal or Conservative or some other philosophy, just get out and vote! Then whatever the outcome of the election, live with it. Let’s not have anymore riots or looting over who won and who lost.