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My dad was from Carnacon, and my mother was from Tourmakeady, both in County Mayo. 

My dad was one of 6 boys; he had 2 sisters.  Including my dad, 5 of the boys and both girls emigrated to the USA.  My mother was one of 5 girls; she had two brothers.  Including my mother, 2 of the girls emigrated to the USA and 2 to England; 1 brother emigrated to the USA.

My dad came to East St Louis IL in, I think, 1946. He had an uncle living there. My mother came to Pittsburgh in, I think, 1947. She had an aunt living there.  They were married in 1949, and lived in East St Louis.

I was born in 1954, and am an only child. You can’t top perfection, I guess:) I have too many cousins and now second cousins to count.

We lived in East St Louis for a year, then moved to St Louis MO for 3 years.  We moved to Chicago in 1958, where my dad found work as a painter.  He eventually became president of Painters Union Local 147. 

My mother was a homemaker.  We lived on the west side until 1965, then moved to the far northwest side.
My dad passed in 2014, and my mom in 2016.  Both were 88 years old when they passed.

I received my bachelors from DePaul University and my law degree from what was then known as The John Marshall Law School. I’ve worked in the hotel industry, the railroad industry, been a Chicago police officer, and now an attorney for the last 20+ years.