Mike Corrigan

We have all been there. Gotten the call or heard the news that a friend or relative died suddenly.  Way too early or too young.  Or, a group text message goes out that so and so has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Our hearts break.  Our stomachs turn.  We shed a tear. Our minds race with all kinds of thoughts that life is precious and can change in a moment’s notice.  “What if that was me”?
The recent video clips of the anniversary of  9/11 was a sobering reminder that “tomorrow is NOT promised” to any of us.  That going to work in the morning is no guarantee that your going to come home at night.
When things go WRONG we have regrets.  We didn’t do the things we wanted to do.  We put off or procrastinated.  Life is busy.  “I’ll get to it”!   “Should have hugged my kids more often”.  “Should have told her I loved her more often”.  “Should have saved more money”. Shoulda woulda coulda…. but didn’t.   
All of you have heard this or may have said this to yourself.  When there are no longer choices to do the things, we wanted to do, the HOPE you had is out the window.
Our religious faith teaches us to have Hope and Faith.  Well, unfortunately, Hope is not a strategy in the financial world when there are so many uncertainties.   You can have CERTAINITY in your financial life.  It just takes planning and education.  Help is available.  You just have to ask for it.
You know, I have been in the financial & insurance business for over 30 years and part of the many areas of my practice is facilitating and designing LIFE INSURANCE for families and business owners.
This is LIFE INSURANCE AWARENESS MONTH!  The power of life insurance is not so much while you are alive—it’s what it does when you die!  You see, we are all going to live until we don’t.    It’s part of life.
I have delivered many death claim checks to widows and surviving business partners.  I get a pit in my stomach when I am asked at that point, “will we be alright?” “is it enough?”.  
The power & value of life insurance is often unappreciated UNTIL something goes WRONG!  An unexpected death, getting a bad diagnosis.  Had good intentions, but NO ACTION.   It’s too late when you get that call or you hear that news.  Schools out!  There’s NO MULLIGAN at that point on your way home from the doctor’s office or funeral home.
My job & challenge is to help people recognize what life insurance provides.  And not just for a period of time or to a certain age.   No, it’s there until you die.
Life insurance creates peace of mind and permission to live your life and spend your accumulated resources knowing that a tax free lump sum will be paid.   It can sustain your family, or business or perhaps create a legacy.
Are you doing all you can?  I challenge you to think differently than most people do.  Pennies on the dollar can create certainty when things go wrong.
I’m Irish and I read the death notices.  I would bet that most of you reading this article also check the daily “scratch sheet”.   There are always people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s & 70’s that would like a MULLIGAN, if given the choice…to do something more than they did during their life.  Will that be you?
What are you waiting for?  A Mulligan is available for you.  Don’t wait too long to ask for it!
Mike Corrigan is the owner & president of Corrigan Financial Services, Inc. in LaGrange, IL.,  708-215-5100
 Mike and the Corrigan Family have a long Irish history of supporting the Irish American News