A recent book by Ivan Gibbons uncovers the origins of the Partition of Ireland, marking the Partition's hundredth anniversary.

"An an excellent exposition of how the border came into existence. Gibbons's is a short, very readable and clear overview." Times Literary Supplement

"Notable for [its] sobriety and attention to detail." Financial Times

"An accessible, well-written concise history of partition." History Ireland Magazine

"A concise and lucid primer." Slugger O'Toole

The Partition of Ireland in 1921, which established Northern Ireland and saw it incorporated into the United Kingdom, sparked immediate civil war and a century of unrest. Today, the Partition remains the single most contentious issue in Irish politics, but its origins—how and why the British divided the island—remain obscured by decades of ensuing struggle.
Drawing on extensive primary research, Ivan Gibbons takes readers back to the first days of the twentieth century to uncover the concerns at the heart of the original conflict.

Ivan Gibbons, former Director of Irish Studies at St Mary's University, Twickenham and founding editor of Irish Studies, received the Irish Post Community Award for services to the Irish community and is the author of Drawing the Line: The Irish Border in British Politics.

Published by Haus Publishing and distributed in North America by the University of Chicago Press
Cloth $22.95  / 172 pages
ISBN-13: 9781913368012