The Fall of a Dynasty Built on Greed
  By Sabina Clarke
In his latest tour de force, Patrick Radden Keefe peels away the false façade of the Sackler dynasty, the purveyors of OxyContin a drug they invented manufactured and peddled that for decades caused innumerable deaths and ruined countless lives while the Sacklers, a greedy soulless clan counted their gold while projecting a carefully cultivated image as benefactors and patron of the arts.

As skillfully told by Keefe this panoramic family saga reaches the dizzying heights of a Shakespearean tragedy or a medieval cautionary tale.

Keefe, an investigative reporter and author of several books first began covering the Sackler saga for The New Yorker magazine where he is a staff writer. This book is the culmination of his research and will likely be the most definitive book on the subject—no more needs to be said.

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This is an important book on so many levels and an eye opener on the cozy relationship between the Sacklers  pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), corrupt politicians, and attorneys who were paid off and willing to look the other way and enable the company to continue manufacturing and profiting from a deadly drug.

Isaac Sackler the family patriarch an immigrant from Austria and his wife Sophie Greenberg an immigrant from Poland had high hopes for their three sons, Arthur, Raymond and Mortimer.

Isaac told his sons that although he had no money to leave them he was leaving them with something far more valuable-“a good name.” Several decades after Isaac’s passing, the Sackler name would be an anathema on a parallel with the seven deadly sins.

There are heroes and villains in this story-those who enabled, profited from and lied for Arthur Sackler and his brothers and those who tried to bring them to justice and expose their treachery and their ill-gotten gains.

The rise and fall of the Sackler dynasty is as dramatic and spectacular as their lack of soul searching and self-awareness.

About the Author: Patrick Radden Keefe grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts and received his undergraduate degree from Columbia.. He earned a law degree from Yale Law School, a Masters in Philosophy in International Relations from Cambridge University and a Masters in Science from the London School of Economics. His 2019 book ‘Say Nothing’ about the Northern Ireland Troubles and the murder of Jean McConville won the Orwell Prize in political writing and was named by the New York Times as one of the 10 best books of the year.