John Philpott started writing ‘Half a Packet of Fags and no F***ing Marmite’ thirteen years ago, until he did what any great writer does. He accidentally deleted all but one chapter from his computer.
Now, over a decade later, this successful production entrepreneur and liver-of-life releases his memoir to the world. It’s been eagerly waited for, and the final read is entertaining to say the very least.
Thursday 28th May 2020. I am looking out onto the Beach from our bedroom window, thinking how lucky we are to live here.

It's going to be a hot one. The tourists are back. We have had our own private stretch of sands for almost 10 weeks, which has been lovely yet surreal. Now though, it's nice to see everyone coming out and enjoying themselves again.

I started writing this book about 13 years ago. Finished 3 chapters, computer crashed, lost 2 of them and mothballed it.

It's one of those funny things; you want to start it again. But, for some reason or another, just don't.

The last days have given me the perfect opportunity to finally get it done. I couldn't just give up on it. Why?

Because I never give up on anything!

That's what this story is. It's about not giving up.................. It's my story.
“Life as an inventor and entrepreneur has always been interesting,” explains the author. “I was 28 when I started my own business, so working for myself has made up the majority of my life. I’m always the guy at the party with the weird story to tell, and people have been telling me to write my memoirs for years. They threatened me with that challenge, and now here it is!”
Continuing, “I think everyone has a story inside of themselves; everyone’s life is inherently interesting and different. Sadly, too few of us share our stories, so I was committed to getting mine down on paper and releasing it to the world. Feedback has been extremely positive.”
Indeed, reviews have been glowing. S. Munkley writes, “What an amazing read, I couldn’t put the book down, I finished it in two days. I was so engrossed I thought I was on the journey with him, at every bar, at every meeting at every luxury destination WOW !!! Can’t wait for it to be turned into a film, I’ll have my popcorn at the ready.”
Another reader, John adds, “I am not an avid reader but this book captured my imagination by its title. Great read so far. Setting could be almost anywhere where people breath. Looking forward to more from Phillpot.”
‘Half a Packet of Fags and no F***ing Marmite’ is available now:
About the author, in his own words:
I am an entrepreneur and inventor. I started my career as a motor mechanic and quickly moved up into sales and had a successful career before starting my own business at the age of 28. I ‘accidentally’ drifted into manufacturing my own products and it has been a roller coaster ride with many highs and lows and a lot of fun along the way…..