Earlier this year, Irish-American novelist Jack Cashman published An Irish Immigrant Story, a unique look at Irish immigration to the United States. Chronicling the struggles of an Irish immigrant family and Ireland’s drive for independence, Mr. Cashman's novel is especially relevant in light of today's contentious immigration debate.

Johanna Cashman and John McCarthy, along with over a million others, immigrated to America to escape a devastating famine. They left behind family members who faced starvation to come to a land that would give them a new opportunity for a good life. They were soon made aware that they were not welcome in this new land and that every day would present a new struggle for survival. Johanna and John got married, determined to raise a family in their adopted country. In spite of all the obstacles they encountered, including John's untimely death, the family grew and found success. The second generation used their success to lend assistance to the country their parents were forced to leave in Ireland's drive for independence from its oppressor. This historical novel brings the reader through the heartwarming story of a family that overcomes adversity to thrive in America. At the same time, it details the movement in the country they left to find its own independent place in the world.

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Mr. Cashman is retired from a long career in business and public service in Maine. He is a long-time student of Irish history, and both his father’s and mother’s ancestors emigrated from Ireland to escape the famine, settling in Salem, Massachusetts.