With summer just around the corner, the new international thriller Screamer: Never, Ever Steal from a Banshee written by Frank J. Vizard draws upon the dark side of Irish and American folklore in a fast-paced adventure that swerves between Ireland and United States.

“Screamer is the perfect summer reading choice,” said author Frank Vizard.  “The novel is a story of hot pursuit but when the banshee appears, she delivers a shiver.  I can’t think of anything cooler for a hot summer’s day!”

When New York film festival director Ryan Connor discovers a muddy relic on the shores of a disappearing lake in a remote part of Ireland, little does he know that a lethal banshee, the Irish messenger of death, will pursue him across the Atlantic to retrieve it.  The banshee, however, soon finds herself in an abusive relationship with a newly-resurrected Dutch demon that last terrorized New York during the American Revolution and is currently engaged in a murderous kidnapping spree of young women.

Connor finds an ally in a beautiful redhead with a mysterious, otherworldly agenda until she is kidnapped as well. The race to save her soon involves a giant hunter who hears voices in his head and a federal ICE agent faced with an immigration problem beyond his wildest dreams.  A science journalist handy with pistols, bloodthirsty dwarves with a taste for mobsters, and a heavily-armed band of Iroquois warriors with a grudge add to the action.  Connor realizes he has every reason to surrender the relic he found – until he begins to understand its true power.

“While Screamer is a thrilling adventure, readers should note that the novel is painstakingly researched,” said Vizard.  “I visited all the locations mentioned in the book – including the disappearing lake in Ireland – so the accounts are based on first-hand experiences.  The banshee is based on a 14th Century text called the Triumps of Turlough written by an Irish historian. Likewise, the ancient Dutch demon called the Heer of Dunderberg is based on old legends of New York’s Hudson River Valley.  The connections between Ireland and the USA are astounding.  For example, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow fame is an echo of the ancient Irish Dullahan, who also carries his head in his hands, and is a figure resurrected in Screamer.  Poets like Ireland’s legendary W.B. Yeats -- an obsession of Connor’s -- often write about the thin veil between worlds. Similarly, my goal in Screamer is to make the line between the real and the unreal as thin as possible and at times, entirely erased.”

Screamer: Never, Ever Steal from a Banshee is available in paperback via Amazon and as a Kindle e-book at

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About the Author
Frank Vizard is a veteran journalist with a long career as a magazine editor and writer with publications that include Popular Science and Departures Magazine. Vizard is also the author of Why A Curveball Curves and co-author of The 21st Century Soldier. Vizard also is director of the Manhattan Short Film Festival. Vizard’s Norman-Irish family has moved between Ireland and America for generations. Screamer is his first novel.

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