Peter Nolan has just published his second nonfiction book called News Stories. It’s a memoir that chronicles his many years as a broadcast newsman from Niagara Falls to Chicago in the latter half of the twentieth century. A former federal judge and Governor, gets out of prison, a policeman on trial for trying to drown his son, an Alderman runs off with 100K in federal funds, the death of President John F. Kennedy, the disappearance of Rosemary Kennedy, homecoming for Jimmy Hoffa, How Geraldo Rivera scooped him, are just some of the stories

Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune called News Stories “a fascinating journey.”

“Peter has picked his stories for a reason. Some exhibit quiet heroism. Some show Chicago at its most typical. Other stories are utterly surprising.

He writes in a clear, simple, caring way. Heʼs there next to you sharing something important.

Whoever you are, you are going to enjoy this book. When you’re finished, put it on the shelf next to books by Mike Royko and Ben Hecht.”
       Bob Boone, Author and founder of Young Chicago Authors.

“News Stories” is brisk, detailed, superbly written and a must read for the young and not-so-young alike—for the younger crowd, “News Stories” provides fascinating historic insights
into the failed Chicago mayoral bid of Bernie Epton or a Nolan lunch with Bears quarterback Sid Luckman, for example; for the older reader, it provides a heart-tugging stroll down the Windy City’s and the Midwest’s Memory Lane.”
       William B. Crawford Former Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune

Nolan’s first book: CAMPAIGN! The 1983 Election that Rocked Chicago was published in 2012 and received critical acclaim. Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune called it “beyond compelling, it reads like a novel. Nolan has hit a home run.”

News Stories is published by Gatekeeper Press of Columbus Ohio.

News Stories is available for sale virtually everywhere books are sold in print or electronically including: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, i Bookstore, Follett and Google Play.
His first book CAMPAIGN! is available at these places and also at Amika Press. com.
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Another Book by Peter Nolan
Campaign! The 1983 Election that Rocked Chicago
By Peter Nolan

“In Campaign!, veteran newsman Peter Nolan, who covered all the players in the 1983 contest, has written a first-hand account of not only the key participants, the candidates and their top supporters, but also of relatively unknown election workers who invested their time and passions in a way not seen since in Chicago politics.

“Nolan does not shy from inserting himself into the story where it warrants. His tale of being recruited by Epton as potential City Hall press secretary is only one of the anecdotes that reflects on how unusual the campaign seemed…This is a book that every Chicago politician ought to keep under his pillow…There is never enough history, and this is a nice slice of it.”From the Foreword by F. Richard Ciccone, former Managing Editor of the Chicago Tribune

SRP: $16.95
Page Count: 230
Publication Date: 5 January 2012
ISBN-10: 097084168X
ISBN-13: 978-0970841681
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About the Author
Peter Nolan arrived in Chicago near the end of the turbulent 1960s. He worked in television news as a writer, reporter and commentator and won three Emmys and several journalism awards.
He lives in the Chicago suburb of Glenview and has six children and fifteen grandchildren.

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This is storytelling at its best. With insight, compassion and humor Peter Nolan turns a semi-forgotten big city mayoral battle into a riveting and timeless tale of human behavior…the good and the bad.”
—Mike Leonard, NBC News Correspondent

“This veteran newsman’s account of the tumultuous mayoral race that upended city politics and made Harold Washington the first African-American to lead the city of Chicago offers a bit of political history, some rough character sketches, and snippets of professional memoir. Nolan paints a deft portrait…As a political reporter, he’s well-informed about the way things worked in Chicago…The dispassionate recounting of brutal race politics and their inflammatory effect on the 1983 election offers a solid, workmanlike piece of journalistic history.”           —Publishers Weekly Select

It is obvious that most on-air television personalities are adept at reading. But only a handful—among them such people as Len O’Connor, Rich Samuels, Carol Marin, Bill Kurtis, Walter Jacobson—are capable of or interested in writing. That small crowd can now count Peter Nolan among its members. The former reporter for WMAQ-Ch.5 has written a fine and engrossing and rollicking book titled Campaign! The 1983 Election that Rocked Chicago. This was the year, Nolan writes, ‘when the African-American voter came alive in Chicago,’ and propelled the inimitable and charismatic Harold Washington into the spacious office on the fifth floor of City Hall as Chicago’s first black mayor.”
       —Rick Kogan, Printers Row Journal, Chicago Tribune

“This book is about politics—not just any politics—Chicago politics. Raw, sometimes brutal, democracy at its worst and sometimes even its best. But always entertaining.… It’s a well-documented history, for sure, but it’s also a wonderfully told story full of the colorful characters that always rank the Chicago political scene as so captivating.… Nolan tells the story beautifully, often weaving in his own presence as he recreates key scenes of the campaign that he personally covered. It gives the book a truly personal flair…Nolan’s work also offers a close look at the inner workings of a big-time campaign.”
       —Robert J. McCarthy, The Buffalo News

“Many have heard about the 1983 campaign for mayor of Chicago. Few lived it like journalist Peter Nolan and he’s produced an insightful, nicely-paced look at this important event in Chicago and American politics. Nolan takes us through the characters, controversies and skullduggery that characterized the campaign. He also looks at the festering racism that marked it. Long-time observers of Chicago politics will enjoy this trip down memory lane, newcomers and political junkies will appreciate the examination of a landmark event in America’s quest for racial equality.”
       —David Yepsen, Director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Southern Illinois University
Amika Press