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From Ireland: Derek Warfield and Young Wolfe Tones in Concert Sunday 10/29


Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones will perform a concert in the Erin Room at the Irish American Heritage Center on Sunday, October 29, 2017 as part of the iBAM! 2017 program.

Tickets are $20 with general seating and can be purchased online or by calling 847-872-0700.


The Patriotic Spirit of Irish Music

Derek Warfield
is one of the great Irish ballad singers but he’s also much more – a founding member and long-serving front man of the legendary Wolfe Tones, a charismatic all-round performer, a historian, retriever and writer of songs and a man who cares passionately for the Irish song tradition.

Derek, the eldest of four children was born in Inchicore, in Dublin in 1943. He was educated at Synge Street C.B.S. and was apprenticed as a tailor, only to find the lure of a musical career irresistible.

This calling came as no surprise since music, song and entertainment was very much part of Derek’s childhood experiences. His father and mother both played piano and his father also played mandolin. Their musical tastes were wide-ranging and included a love of opera, classical music, all forms of dance and musicals. Derek’s mother taught him songs which he sang at every opportunity, and he made his first stage appearance at the Queen’s Theatre in Dublin at the age of six.

His great love and appreciation of all things musical was also influenced and nurtured by his grandparents.

From he was knee-high to a grasshopper, his mother’s parents Paddy and Anne Byrne Cunningham passed on songs and ballads. He has since recorded them and they’re still very much part of the Warfield repertoire.

His father’s mother, Catherine McDonough Warfield, gave him a mandolin, and he got lessons on the instrument from his father. All of Derek’s grandparents shared a common Irish patriotic spirit that he eagerly sought to be part of and understand.

So it was from this background that Derek was gifted a passion and respect for Irish music and song. And he’s brought that with him through the years, and now hopes to pass it on anew through his work with his band, the Young Wolfe Tones.

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones are known throughout the world for their quality musical presentation of Irish patriotic songs and traditional music featuring top class fiery introductions from their lead singer, songwriter and storyteller, Derek Warfield.

An outstanding singer, stage personality, composer and historian of the music and song tradition, Derek Warfield is a legend wherever Irish roots have been put down. He enjoyed phenomenal success for some 40 years with the Wolfe Tones, including best-selling albums, number one hits, television appearances and shows in Carnegie Hall, New York and the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Added to that, Derek has been prolific as a solo artist, with an astonishing twelve albums in just over a decade.

Ten years on from the beginning of his solo career, the man often described as ‘Ireland’s greatest ballad singer’ is bringing an old tradition with a young sound to his legion of fans across the world.

The Young Wolfe Tones feature some of the finest Irish musicians and singers from a younger generation and bring guaranteed excitement, fun and passion to every performance.

Damaris Woods hails from Co. Meath and is recognized as one of the finest tenor banjo players in Ireland. But perhaps more importantly she is also an expert teacher, as many of her pupils in the communities of Kildare, Meath, Cavan and Tyrone will attest. Her annual summer music camp in Cavan town, now in its tenth year is recognized as one of the most important musical events for the transmission of our music, song and dance heritage.

At 21 years of age, Dublin native Fintan Warfield has toured extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and the United States as well as having numerous recordings and radio appearances to his credit. Fintan is one of Ireland’s finest up and coming balladeers and is quickly following in the footsteps of the famous Warfield clan, sharing the same passion of his family mentor, Derek Warfield.

Irish-American musician Dan Lowery completes the Young Wolfe Tones’ line up. Although
hailing from Dallas, Texas, his family origins lie in County Cork. Dan’s family may have left Ireland generations ago but they brought their love of Irish culture with them and gave Dan the wonderful gift of Irish music. Dan brings a wealth of musical talent to The Young Wolfe Tones and is a multi-talented flute and tin-whistle Player, guitarist and vocalist.

Derek explains, “We all share the same passion and enthusiasm for our heritage. I have always believed that because of our history there is something very profound in our song and musical tradition. I have long considered it a privilege to carry its message of inspiration but perhaps most importantly, it has been fun and enjoyable and every performance gets better. The experience has reinvigorated me and has given these young players and singers the opportunity to display their skills and talents around the world.”

‘Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones’ have performed to great acclaim at all major Irish music festivals in the United States including ‘The Great American Irish Festival’ in New York, the ‘Dublin Irish Festival’ in Ohio, ‘Kansas City Irish Fest’ and the largest Irish music festival in the world, Milwaukee’s ‘Irish Fest’. These events regularly see attendances of over 100,000 and are a musical showcase for the finest Irish bands. Now is your chance to see them in a great Chicago venue!


Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones

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